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The series is inspired by the tales of the raiding, trading, and exploring Norsemen of early medieval Scandinavia.
It follows the exploits of the legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok and his crew and family,
as notably laid down in the 13th century sagas Ragnars saga Loðbrókar and Ragnarssona þáttr, as well as in Saxo Grammaticus's 12th century work Gesta Danorum.
Norse legendary sagas were partially fictional tales based in Norse oral tradition, written down about 200 to 400 years after the events they describe.
Further inspiration is taken from historical sources of the period, such as records of the Viking raid on Lindisfarne depicted in the second episode,
or Ahmad ibn Fadlan's 10th-century account of the Volga Vikings. The series is set at the beginning of the Viking Age, marked by the Lindisfarne raid in 793.

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All episodes of Vikings season 4, in streaming HD

Vikings : Episode 1 season 4 [S04E01] in streaming

Ragnar, wounded and near death, has a dream of walking towards the open gates of Valhalla, only to see them close before him.
Aslaug asks the Seer if a woman would rule Kattegat, should Ragnar die. Bjorn has Floki arrested for killing Athelstan.
When Ragnar awakens, he chastises Bjorn for imprisoning his friend. Bjorn wants to prove himself by surviving deep in the wilderness.
Aslaug procures a new slave girl, Yidu. In Hedeby, Earl Kalf announces that he and Lagertha will share the Earldom, to the dislike of Einar.
Kalf invites Einar and his men to vote to exile Lagertha, then turns on them, killing the dissidents and allowing Lagertha to kill Einar.
Rollo rides to the Viking encampment outside Paris, and orders their massacre.

Vikings : Episode 2 season 4 [S04E02] in streaming

Bjorn has set off alone into the harsh Scandinavian winter. Helga frees Floki from his bonds.
Ragnar confronts Helga, who admits what she has done, and he tells her that he understands.
Ragnar finds Helga digging a grave in the frozen ground for her daughter.
In Wessex, King Ecbert proposes to rescue Princess Kwenthrith of Mercia and her child, who are being held by rebel nobles.
Aethelwulf engages in battle and rescues Kwenthrith. Aethelwulf does not know that his wife Judith is sleeping with his father.
In Francia, Duke Rollo tries to assimilate by cutting his hair and dressing appropriately, but continues to be mocked by his new wife.
He proposes building forts to stop the Vikings from sailing upriver.

Vikings : Episode 3 season 4 [S04E03] in streaming

Ragnar and King Ecbert experience separate visions of Athelstan, who relays the words "mercy".
Rollo starts to learn the language of Francia. Kalf hires a berserker to assassinate Bjorn, on behalf of Erlendur.
Bjorn kills a bear that escaped his trap. Floki and Helga struggle with the death of their daughter. Ragnar approaches the cave and frees Floki.
Lagertha sleeps with Kalf and he tells her he loves her. Aethelwulf returns with the rescued Queen Kwenthrith and her son Magnus.
Judith's obsession with Athelstan continues. Wessex continues preparing its soldiers. In Francia, Count Odo prepares to defend Paris.

Vikings : Episode 4 season 4 [S04E04] in streaming

Floki visits the Seer who tells him that he has waited hundreds of years for Floki's arrival and licks Floki's hand in stead of the other way around.
Aslaug asks him to teach Ivar the way of the gods. Ragnar grows closer to Yidu, and lets her live in his private lodge.
She gives Ragnar "medicine" from her native China, which leads to a night of hallucination. In the wilderness, Bjorn meets the berserker and kills him.
He discovers that the berserker has King Horik's ring. Bjorn arrives back in Hedeby and wants to leave with Erlendur's wife, Torvi.
Rollo is served divorce papers, but has by now learned the language, which impresses Gisla. He gives her his armring to show allegiance to her.
In Wessex, King Aelle confronts Judith over her affair with King Ecbert.
Meanwhile during the Yol celebrations in Kattegat, King Harald Finehair arrives and declares that he wants to become King of all Norway.
Ragnar then arrives to see Harald sitting in his hall.

Vikings : Episode 5 season 4 [S04E05] in streaming

Ragnar and Bjorn discuss whether they trust King Harald. Ragnar is addicted to Yidu's "medicine", and they discuss their secrets.
Yidu says that her father is a Chinese Emperor, while Ragnar confesses the loss of his English settlement.
King Harald's brother Halfdan arrives in Kattegat, and lets Ragnar know he is eager to kill Christians.
Meanwhile, Torvi reveals to Bjorn that the ring he is carrying, which he took from the berserker, was Erlendur's.
In Wessex, Aethelwulf and Judith argue, and Judith tells him they are married in name only.
Aethelwulf with Queen Kwenthrith that they need to fight to restore her power in Mercia.
Just before their wedding, Lagertha stabs and kills Kalf, and reclaims her status as Earl.

Vikings : Episode 6 season 4 [S04E06] in streaming

Ragnar announces his plan to raid Paris, and gives Ubbe and Hvitserk their arm-rings, so they can travel with him.
Before they leave, Ragnar asks the Seer how he will die; he replies that Ragnar will die when "the blind man sees him".
Odo reveals to Therese that he will have Charles killed and overthrown. Meanwhile in Kattegat, after the warriors set sail, Harbard returns.
A storm throws the Viking's ships off course. Ragnar, Lagertha, and Harald arrive in France, where they set up camp.
Harald and Halfdan take their French prisoners and burn them alive, cheered on by Erlendur.
Once the remaining ships arrive, the Vikings sail up river towards Paris. Ragnar takes more "medicine", and hallucinates.
As the ships approach Paris, they see Rollo waiting with his new French allies.

Vikings : Episode 7 season 4 [S04E07] in streaming

Ragnar suggests attacking from both the river and by land. Rollo notices Lagertha's warriors become stuck in the marsh, and fires upon them and the ships.
As the ships approach the forts, Rollo orders the Franks to raise a metal chain between them, which capsizes some ships.
Lagertha's attack retreats, and the Franks begin to set the Viking ships on fire. Bjorn rescues Harald and Halfdan, and Ragnar saves Floki.
In Wessex, Ecbert leaves for Mercia; he arrives to meet with Prince Wigstan, who tells him that the Mercians will not accept Kwenthrith as Queen.
He tells Ecbert that he will hand Mercia over to him. In Paris, the Vikings return to their camp, which Roland has ambushed;
Helga is alive but wounded, while Ragnar's sons and Yidu are hiding unharmed. Ragnar demands more "medicine" from Yidu.
Floki has a vision of Harbard having sex with Aslaug. Bjorn demands a new plan from Ragnar.
Ragnar replies that they will retreat tomorrow, while muttering to decapitated head.

Vikings : Episode 8 season 4 [S04E08] in streaming

The Vikings retreat, and Ragnar's leadership is questioned by Harald. Ragnar tells Bjorn to land near a cliff, and reveals a new plan:
they will take the ships overland, behind the Frankish forts. In Paris, Odo tells Charles they should not trust Rollo, and Roland agrees.
In Wessex, Ecbert returns after victory over Mercia, but tells Kwenthrith she is no longer Queen.
Meanwhile in Kattegat, Aslaug sees Harbard with other women and is jealous. She confronts him, and he leaves.
In France, Ragnar asks Yidu for more drugs, but she denies him. They argue and she threatens him with revealing his Wessex secret.
Ragnar drowns her in a fit of rage. In Wessex, Kwenthrith sneaks into Ecbert's bed and threatens to kill him, but is then killed by Judith.

Vikings : Episode 9 season 4 [S04E09] in streaming

As the Vikings carry their ships overland, Harald and Halfdan kill a Frankish family. Lagertha has a miscarriage and is comforted by Ragnar.
Aethelwulf and Alfred arrive in Rome, and the Pope makes Alfred a consul. In Wessex, Ecbert is crowned King of both Wessex and Mercia.
King Aelle is displeased when Ecbert tells him they are no longer equals. In Kattegat, Sigurd discovers Siggy dead;
he tells Aslaug, who shrugs off her death, and jokes with Ivar. In Paris, Charles appoints Roland its protector.
The Vikings arrive outside Paris. Erlendur tells Torvi she must kill Bjorn, or he will kill her son;
she approaches Bjorn with Erlendur's crossbow, but instead turns and kills Erlendur. Bjorn tells Ragnar that Paris cannot be taken without him.
Ragnar replies he does not care about Paris, and that he is here for Rollo. As the Vikings sail for Paris, Ragnar mutters that he must kill Rollo.

Vikings : Episode 10 season 4 [S04E10] in streaming

A fleet of Frankish ships led by Rollo approaches the Vikings. In Paris, Charles has Roland and Therese executed, while Gisla prays for Rollo.
Ragnar and Rollo begin to fight. The Franks gains the upper hand, and Ragnar tells Bjorn to take Lagertha and retreat.
Ragnar charges Rollo, but is grabbed and thrown back into a ship, as they retreat. Rollo is greeted by Charles and Gisla, and acclaimed by Paris.
Meanwhile, in Kattegat many years pass. Ragnar has disappeared.
Thorhall delivers the news to Aslaug and Bjorn that the Norse settlement in England had been slaughtered, and also that Ragnar has a son named Magnus in Wessex.
Bjorn tells his brothers. He plans to sail into the Mediterranean. Ragnar returns to Kattegat and challenges his sons to kill him, if they want to become the King.

Vikings : Episode 11 season 4 [S04E11] in streaming

Ubbe steps forward to challenge Ragnar, but instead they embrace.
Ragnar asks his sons to come with him to England, but Bjorn refuses, as he plans to raid the Mediterranean with Floki, Harald, and Hvitserk.
Ubbe and Sigurd promise to stay and protect their mother and Kattegat, now an important trade center.
Ivar sees his brothers sharing the slave girl Margrethe, and wants her as well.
Ragnar visits Floki and tells him that he loves him. In Hedeby, Ragnar apologizes to Lagertha after she refuses to accompany him to England.
Ragnar finds a large tree while riding back to Kattegat and tries to hang himself. However, ravens chew through the rope to save him.
Back in Kattegat, Ragnar finds Ivar in the throne room and persuades Ivar to come with him to England.

Vikings : Episode 12 season 4 [S04E12] in streaming

Ragnar asks warriors to accompany him to England; however they refuse saying the gods have deserted him.
Ragnar talks to Bjorn about his plan to sail past France, and Bjorn says he will seek diplomacy with Rollo.
Sigurd chides Ivar that their mother and brothers pity him. Harald and Halfdan arrive to sail with Bjorn.
Bjorn notes of Harald's conquest of Rogaland, but Harald assures him that he cannot overthrow Ragnar.
Lagertha arrives, and agrees with Aslaug to perform a sacrifice to the gods for their sons.
Lagertha tells Aslaug she cannot forgive her for taking Ragnar, and that she will never be Queen of Kattegat.
Aslaug has a vision of Ivar drowning and warns him he will die if he goes to England. Bjorn, Hvisterk, Floki, and Harald set sail for the Mediterranean.
Ragnar and Ivar sail for England, but their ships capsize in a violent storm.

Vikings : Episode 13 season 4 [S04E13] in streaming

Ragnar, Ivar, and a few other survivors are washed up on the beach in England. Some blame Ragnar for their misfortune.
Aethelwulf finds Ragnar's black raven banner on the beach, and alerts King Ecbert, who reassures him that Ragnar is simply one man.
In Francia, Bjorn's fleet arrives and he asks Rollo for safe passage, but is imprisoned along with Floki, Harald, and Halfdan.
In Hedeby, Lagertha imprisons Ubbe and Sigurd, and attacks Kattegat, intending to replace Aslaug on the throne.
Bjorn's ships set sail, but they stop and submerge Rollo by keelhauling him. Bjorn lets Rollo up, and Rollo laughs as they sail on.
In Wessex, Ragnar tells Ivar they must go to the Royal Villa and abandon the others; they kill their fellow Vikings while they are asleep.
Ragnar and Ivar arrive at the Royal town and give themselves up.

Vikings : Episode 14 season 4 [S04E14] in streaming

In Kattegat, Aslaug renounces herself as Queen, promising Lagertha that her sons will not seek revenge.
In exchange, she wants safe passage to leave. Lagertha initially agrees, but then kills Aslaug.
Ubbe and Sigurd arrive to find Lagertha in the great hall. Ubbe challenges Lagertha's warriors in an attempt to kill her, but fails.
Astrid tells Ubbe and Sigurd that they will die if they harm Lagertha. In Wessex, Ragnar and Ivar are seized by Aethelwulf.
Ecbert admits ordering Aethelwulf to kill the Norse settlers, expresses regret, and frees Ragnar from his cage.
The two drunkenly discuss the afterlife and the death of Athelstan, which Ragnar says weighs on his conscience.
Ragnar asks Ecbert to kill him, but Ecbert refuses. Instead, Ecbert agrees to hand Ragnar over to King Aelle and arrange safe passage for Ivar to go home.
Ragnar promises that his sons will seek vengeance against Northumbria, not Wessex.

Vikings : Episode 15 season 4 [S04E15] in streaming

Ecbert has arranged a ship to take Ivar home. Ragnar speaks with Ivar alone and say goodbye, knowing he will be handed over to Aelle and die.
Ragnar tells Ivar to take revenge on Ecbert, and to be ruthless. Ragnar gives Athelstan's cross to his son Alfred, and tells Ecbert that in the end,
Ragnar arrives in Northumbria and is tortured by Aelle. Ecbert travels there in disguise to attend Ragnar's execution.
Ragnar says that he dies without apology and welcomes death, and will await his sons in Valhalla to hear stories of their triumphs.
Ragnar is then dropped into a pit of snakes where he dies. Ivar returns to Kattegat, to discover that his mother has been killed by Lagertha.
Across the fjord, a longship carrying a black cloaked figure, missing his right eye, approaches.

Vikings : Episode 16 season 4 [S04E16] in streaming

Lagertha in Norway and Aethelwulf in Wessex consider the consequences of Ragnar's death, while his sons start to plan their revenge.
Lagertha orders defences to be built around Kattegat.
Ivar challenges Lagertha to single combat, but is refused, and promises that he will kill Lagertha one day.
Floki is intrigued by his first contact with Islam and forces the Vikings to spare men praying in a mosque.
After Floki refuses to have another child with Helga, Helga adopts a Moorish child, Tanaruz, as her daughter.
The man in the black cloak – an incarnation of the god Odin – brings news of Ragnar's death to his sons.
The Seer tells Lagertha he foresees that she will be killed by one of Ragnar's sons, while Ivar prepares a new sword and dreams of his revenge.

Vikings : Episode 17 season 4 [S04E17] in streaming

Ubbe, Sigurd and Ivar decide to gather a large army and return to England to avenge Ragnar.
Before returning to Gisla and his children, Rollo offers land in Normandy to any norsemen willing to settle.
Halfdan introduces Harald to Egil, the bastard son of an earl. Judith visits her family in Northumbria and tries to convince
King Aelle to ally with Ecbert against the coming attack. However, her father shows no intention to reforge an alliance with Wessex.
Ubbe frees Margrethe and tells her that he would like to marry her.
In Wessex, Ecbert continues to groom Alfred as future king and warns him not to trust others, but think for himself.
An armada of Swedish Vikings, led by Earl Jorgensen, arrives to join the Lothbroks.
Floki presents Ivar with a war chariot which will enable him to lead troops in combat.

Vikings : Episode 18 season 4 [S04E18] in streaming

As the great army assembles, Bjorn and Ivar argue over its leadership. Harald spots Ellisif, the woman he fell in love with years ago,
who he had wanted to impress by conquerIng Norway. But she has since married a Danish earl, of lower status than him.
Ubbe and Margrethe are married, but Ubbe agrees to share her with Hvitserk. Helga wants to join the great army with Tanaruz,
but Floki is not happy with her decision. Harald and Halfdan have Egil infiltrate Kattegat.
Halfdan suggests Harald kill Ellisif to regain his honor, but Harald refuses because she is the only woman he loves.
Athelwulf confronts Ecbert about his affair with Judith and questions Ecbert's love for him and his ability as a king.
Ecbert asks him to lead the defence against the Norse invaders.
As the great army lands in Northumbria, King Aelle's much smaller army is overrun, Aelle is captured, and killed by the blood eagle.

Vikings : Episode 19 season 4 [S04E19] in streaming

Kattegat is attacked by Egil and his men, but they are repulsed and Egil is captured. Torvi is severely injured.
Under torture, Egil confesses to Lagertha that he had been paid by King Harald to attack her.
Ellisif later pretends to forgive Harald, seduces him, and is about to kill him but is instead killed by Halfdan.
Tanaruz runs away from Helga, but Floki manages to find her and convince her to return.
Prince Aethelwulf gathers a large army in Wessex and moves to intercept the advancing Vikings in Repton.
The Vikings then harass the Saxons on the battlefield with archers hidden in the surrounding woods.
Prince Aethelwulf decides to move his forces toward the Viking's ships, but the Vikings then ambush them in a tight valley.
In panic and frustration, Aethelwulf orders a charge.

Vikings : Episode 20 season 4 [S04E20] in streaming

The Saxons charge into the Norse shieldwall, and suffer heavy losses.
Aethelwulf orders a retreat, and flees to Ecbert's capital to ready its evacuation.
Ecbert refuses to leave, and cedes the crown of Wessex to his son. The bishop Edmund refuses to abandon Ecbert.
Ivar demands the blood eagle for Ecbert, but Bjorn reminds his brothers of Ragnar's dream of settlement,
and agrees to allow Ecbert to choose his own death in exchange for signing over East Anglia.
Ecbert then kills himself in his Roman bath. After burying Helga, Floki takes to the sea.
Bjorn shares his wish to raid the Mediterranean, while Ivar proposes continued raids in England.
In Sherborne, Bishop Heahmund oversees a funeral, and then "comforts" the widow of the deceased.